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Tart cherry juice sleep

What are the tart cherry juice sleep benefits? According to a Consumer Reports magazine of a survey of 1,466 participating American adults, forty-four percent indicated they experience trouble falling asleep, waking up to early, or staying asleep at least eight nights a month.

Also, included the in the published article was the information that many people turn to drugs to help resolve sleep issues. In addition, one in five Americans took over-the-counter or prescription medicines four times a month, once a week, to help the sleep. So how can tart cherry juice sleep help with these staggering statistics? The good news is the tart cherry is one of Mother Nature’s sources of naturally occurring Melatonin. Although other sources of naturally occurring Melatonin exists including oatmeal, bananas and walnuts, it’s the tart cherry that has caught a lot of attention lately.

In fact, Dr. Oz had cherry juice on this nationally syndicated health and wellness daytime talk show. Here is some of the exciting information about this Michigan grown ruby red fruit:

Tart Cherry Products and Melatonin:

Cherry Products Melatonin Levels:

  • Fresh Tart Cherries:   Up to 13.5 nanograms (ng) of Melatonin per gram
  • Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate: Has up to 10 times more the Melatonin per gram when compared to the raw fruit.
  • Tart Cherry Powder 137+ ng per gram

    * Result conducted by Dr. Russell Reiter - *Cherry powder is used to make tart cherry capsules As you can see the source starts from the fresh fruit and increases in concentration as the fruit is processed into the powder form. To learn more, feel free to download the Free Tart Cherry Juice Sleep Report book from our website.
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