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Tart Cherry Juice Education Video

With all of the tart cherries on the trees in Northern Michigan, it's a great time to grab the video camera and head out to orchards. I was able to grab some great video shots of the orchards and trees to use in our cherry juice and tart cherry educational videos. Best of all, our customers get to see exactly what the orchards looking just before harvest and see where some of the cherries come from that goes into making tart cherry products, the fresh cherries we sell and more. You get to see behind the scenes and the purity of the trees, the character of the orchards and more. So making these videos with the cherries on the trees are an excellent backdrop to creating educational and entertainment videos. In all, I took about two or three hours of video capturing the unique beauty of Northern Michigan cherry orchards and more. In addition to taking generic orchard videos for future projects, I'm also using them as a backdrop to talk about the natural health benefits of the tart cherry, cherry juice concentrate, tart cherry capsules and dried cherries. So be on the lookout in the future for some great future videos combining beautiful video backgrounds and the health benefits of this amazing red super fruit. Here is the first educational video created during the most recent cherry crop.  
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