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3 Must Have Natural Health and Wellness Resources

Since the beginning of the year, we've received several emails and while talking with customers over the phone, many have asked for additional resources about enjoying a health and natural lifestyle. I've put together a list of some so great resources for you to use to learn more about enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Oz. Show The first one is the Dr. Oz. show. Not only does the good doctor know is stuff, he's great to watch. He is able to talk about complex issues in a down-to-earth and informative way. I included link his website with the episode he did on the tart cherries and cherry juice. It's a very information and great to enjoy with a cup of coffee and break up the day. Dr. Oz. and Cherry Juice This is collection of education videos on the subject of natural health and wellness. The majority of presenters are doctors and nurses. So it's a good source for information from the medical community on natural home remedies and more. Traverse Bay Farms Videos and Books We've recently uploaded additional videos and books to our online library.  You can find them here: Traverse Bay Farms Arthritis Videos Traverse Bay Farms Healthy Living Bookstore
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