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Diet & Exercise Plans for Night Shift Workers

Diet & Exercise Plans for Night Shift Workers Over the years, I have talked with many of our customers about how our products have helped improve their lifestyles. We have customers from all walks of life ranging from doctors, lawyers, retirees, stay-at-home parents, truck drivers, school teachers and more. Recently a long time customer named Melissa called in to reorder some of the tart cherry juice concentrate. During our phone conversation she told me that she works the night shift at a local hospital. She was sharing with me how drinking a glass of our tart cherry juice helps her fall sleep after her shift. This is due to the naturally occurring melatonin found the tart cherry juice concentrate. After completing her order and hung up the phone, I began thinking about our other customers who also work the night shift. Growing up in a family where my dad worked nights for over 20 years I understand the toll working the night owl shift can have on an individual. Experiencing this while growing up and after talking with Melissa, I decided to write an article on diet and exercise plans for night shift workers. My article was then published on a leading internet site called This a very popular site on a number of different topics including health and wellness. I wanted to share this article with you. Check out my article entitled: Diet & Exercise Plans for Night Shift Workers In the article, I didn't mention the sleep benefits of tart cherry juice since the focus of the article was more about what to do while on the job. If you currently work or know anyone that works the owl shift, feel free to pass along this informative article.
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