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Seven Recycling Tips for Traverse Bay Farms Glass Containers

Since the launch of our company in 2001, we have combined eco-friendly business practices with great tasting products and excellent customer service. One additional area that sets us part is our 100% commitment to bottling our products in glass containers. The reason is simple…studies have shown that plastic bottles have a history of “plastic leaching” This is when the plastic molecules from the bottle actually leaks back into the food the container is protecting. This is something that is well-known in the food industry. As you continue to enjoy our great tasting and antioxidant-rich products, you may find that you have an increasing number of empty Traverse Bay Farms glass bottles and jars. In this post I would like to share some simple ideas how to reuse those glass bottles and jars in a number of different ways. Of course, the first step in repurposing our glass containers is to thoroughly clean the glass containers before you use any of these quick and simple recycling ideas. Check out these great ideas to recycle the Traverse Bay Farms glass containers: #1: Enjoy a Refreshing Drink mason jar drink           Whether is a refreshing glass of lemon juice or cherry juice, enjoy a refreshing summer drink using one of our repurposed salsa jars as a mason drinking jar. #2: Knife and Spoon Holder Knives in Glass with Fork and Spoon           This idea combines functionality with decoration. In addition, if you have a cabin or 2nd home, this makes a great no-cost way for utensil storage in your second kitchen. #3: Use for Canning Homemade preserves and fruits           Simply purchase new lids and use to can your own great tasting recipes. #4: A Holiday Decoration jar with berries           Simply place a candle in the jar and surround with garland and berries for a holiday center piece. #5: A Flower Vase   Beautiful bouquet of bright flowers in jar isolated on white           Wrap a jar with fabric, fill with water and insert your favorite flowers. #6: Use as a Center Piece Pebbles in Mason Jar           Fill the jar with washed stones and pebbles you find at the beach or in your back yard and use as a center piece. #7: Drinking Straw Holder Wedding Centerpiece Details           This makes a great combination of functionality and eye appeal. When enjoying a picnic or backyard party, use the jar as a holder for drinking straws.
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