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Woman's World Magazine Features Traverse Bay Farms

Traverse Bay Farms featured in Woman' s World magazineOver the past few weeks we've had a number of current customers as well as new customers call us and tell us that Woman's World magazine wrote an excellent story on the health benefits of tart cherries.  It was the August 5th edition of the Woman's World that included the story. However, our local grocery store had already sold out of the August 5th edition so I didn't get a chance to buy the magazine locally. I contacted the customer service department at Woman's World magazine and they were kind enough to send me out a copy. The article was an excellent overview of the natural health benefits of the cherries including with helping to maintain healthy sleep function. In fact, the article suggested our sediment-free cherry juice to those interested in enjoying a healthy nights sleep and fighting insomnia naturally. I've include the cover and a few pages of the article, too. I'll be providing select excerpts from article itself. I contains some great nuggets of information for tart cherries, cherry juice and even tart cherry powder.   CherryJuiceTraverseBayFarmsCherryJuice
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