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Talking with Heroes Health and Wellness Show Joe Stankowski

[caption id="attachment_2491" align="alignleft" width="150"]Blog Talk Radio Blog Talk Radio[/caption] Check out the latest episode of Talking with Heroes Health and Wellness show. Interview Joe Stankowski from He is a certified fitness trainer with a long list of impressive accomplishments.             Here is a little about Joe and his background:
  • Author of The Ultimate Home Gym Guide
  • Creator of a fitness coaching program for 'people who hate exercise' entitled: This Workout Doesn't Suck,
  • Former competitive powerlifter (trained with powerlifting legend Ed Coan from '93-'98)
  • Training adviser for Men's Fitness magazine
  • Official fitness trainer for Miss Delaware USA ('03 and '04)
  • Caffeine-inspired blogger behind
  • Precision Nutrition certified sports and exercise nutrition coach
  • certified personal trainer
During the interview, Joe shared his expertise and insight on how to relief stress points and tension in the various points of the body. We talked about several different points of the body starting at the feet, moving up the legs to the mid and upper back and then finally to the neck and head area. In addition, we discussed his approach to working with individuals on their level and not some preconceived notion of where an individual should be. In addition, he shared how to relieve muscle soreness due to the working and physical exercise. Finally we ended the show with several actionable steps listeners can take to immediately implement the information they learned on the show. Here is a link to the show that you can listen to directly from our Blog Talk Radio Network page:
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