Where to Buy Cherry Juice Concentrate

Where to Buy Cherry Juice Concentrate
Apr 07

Tart cherry juice is long considered a great tasting drink by countless number of people. In addition to offering an excellent and unique taste, it is packed full of health benefits.

These include the ability to maintain healthy joint function* and soothe sore muscles due to physical exercise. So let’s take a closer look at where to buy tart cherry juice concentrate.

Buy Tart Cherry Juice Online

Over the last decade, tart cherry juice has become extremely popular and there are a number of stores and grocery stores that offer this tangy red drink. The next time you’re in your local grocery store, you’ll probably find some.

100% Pure Cherry Juice

In addition to buying cherry juice locally, you can also buy cherry juice online. The greatest advantage to ordering online is you can order directly from the regions of the United States that actually grow the tart cherries. This means the cherry juice

No matter, where you decide to buy tart cherry concentrate here are a few things to consider:

#1: Read the label to learn if the cherry juice has been blended with any other juices. This is becoming a common practice. The reason is tart cherry juice is an expensive juice when compared to apple or cranberry. If even the front of the label says “Cherry Juice” it may still be blended with other juices.

We don't blend our Montmorency cherry juice with other fruit juices like apple or cranberry juice.

#2: Look to see if the Country of Origin is the United States. Some cherry juice providers have made the decision to import cherry juice from other countries from China, Turkey and Poland rather than support the American farmer.

If it is important to you to support the American farmer, see if you can find a product that says the cherry juice is from the United States. Our cherry juice is 100% American-grown and produced.

How to Buy the Best Cherry Juice

The #1 tart cherry growing region in the United States is the Traverse Bay Region of Michigan. This section of Michigan grows over 60% of all the tart cherries.

Here are few things to consider when purchasing online:

#1: Look for a sediment-free guarantee. This simply means the cherry juice is guaranteed no to break down.  Sedimentation can occur for several reasons including low quality concentrate, older tart cherry concentrate and even the bottling and storage of the concentrate.

#2: Look for cherry juice that is 68 Brix. This is measured as the amount of natural sugar content. The gold standard for cherry juice 68 Brix. That is why our cherry juice is only offered in 68 Brix. This is a good marker of to see which cherry juice products measures up and which ones don’t.

How to Make Cherry Juice After You Buy It

Tart cherry juice concentrate is used to make cherry juice. It is highly concentrated and should be dilute one ounce of cherry juice to seven ounces of water to make a 100% pure glass of cherry juice.

Here is a video how to make tart cherry juice:

How Much Cherry Juice to Drink

After you make the cherry juice, the next question many of our customers ask us is how much cherry juice to drink. We've created a great infographic showing how much cherry juice to enjoy daily.

How Much Cherry Juice to Drink

Where to Find Tart Cherry Juice

As mentioned, the northwestern section of lower Michigan grows over 60% of all tart cherries in the United States. So it makes sense to take a look at the companies based in this cherry rich area of Michigan.

Traverse Bay Farms is based right in the epic-center of the tart cherry region and also can ship directly to your home or office.

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