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Cherry Juice Extract

"What is the difference between cherry juice concentrate and cherry juice extract?" That is a question we get a lot from our customers either when they dial into our call center or via email. It's simply a mixing or blending of words on two complete different products. The concentrate is liquid form of the juice of this amazing red superfruit, while the extract is the powder form of this Michigan-grown tiny red orb. The concentrate uses the juice form of the cherry, while the extract is an extract of the fruit. However, since we believe in the the synergistic benefits of the entire fruit, our Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Joint Formula is a fruit powder. This means it contains the skin, the pulp and the juice of the fruit. It starts with an IQF (individually quick frozen) cherries and by low pressure is produces the entire fruit into a powder. This powder is then encapsulated into an easy-to-swallow vegen capsule. But most important about our line of cherry products is we only use the tart variety and not the sweet. So rest assured you can enjoy the benefits of the lower sugar and other amazing natural health benefits. Check out this video of a northern michigan  orchard and how it is harvested and produced from blossom to bottle.
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