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Summer Grilling Tips - Marinades, Sauces, Bastes and Rubs

The summer grilling season is upon us and many of our customers have asked what is the best way to use BBQ sauces, marinades, rubs, sauces and bastes? We do have  awarding winning fruit BBQ sauces, jalapeno honey mustard and even Merlot wine steak sauce. In this post I would like to provide an overwhelm of using rubs, bastes rubs and marinades for the ultimate summer grilling enjoyments. Both rubs and marinades add flavor to the food by allowing the food to soak in the flavors for some time. Rubs are usually applied directly to the food and then placed in the refrigerator for several hours. This allows to the food to acquire a strong flavor. The purpose of the rub is to seal in the juice into the food and form a crust over the food, which in itself is very delicious. Another alternative is to using a dry rub is to use a paste rub. A paste rub is basically the dry rub that is made into a paste by adding some amount of olive oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and even crushed garlic to bind together the dry seasonings. Marinades too are used for adding flavor but unlike rubs, these are used to moisten the surface of the meats. This added moisture prevents the meat from drying out while being grilled and helps it to stay nice and juicy. Marinades coming in two types – flavoring marinades and tenderizing marinades. Flavoring marinades add flavor to meat, especially tender meat like fish, boneless poultry meat and even vegetables. These require marinating for a very short while – usually fifteen minutes to about two hours. Tenderizing marinades are used to tenderize meat itself. This type of marinade contains acidic ingredients that act as the tenderizing agents. These include vinegar, yogurt, lime or lemon juice, tomatoes, even wines. Fruits like papaya, figs, kiwi and pineapple are other interesting tenderizing ingredients. Rubs and marinades are usually applied to foods before they are being grilled, basting, on the other hand, is used as the food is getting grilled and dipping sauces are served as accompaniments along with the grilled food. These are excellent ways to add extra flavor to the food and give it a special zing. Here are a few ideas to really make your food taste great during the coming summer grilling months.
  • Baste with our award winning red raspberry and apple bbq sauce on both meat and chicken and grilled vegetables.
  • Marinade chicken with our award winning jalapeno honey mustard. This will add an amazing dimension to the food.
Check out the fruit bbq sauces and mustards
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