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Health Benefits of Strawberries

In this second post on the health benefits of strawberries, we'll learn more about the amazing benefits of this tasty fruit. In addition, to learning the health benefits of the strawberry, feel free to download our free Tart Cherry Health Report and Super Fruit Handbook. The first report teaches about the health benefits of tart cherries, cherry juice, dried cherries and cherry juice concentrate. While the second, offer an entire arrary of the benefits of select superfruit. Download a copy of the first report on the Traverse Bay Farms website and the second from the Super Fruit Handbook site. • Carolus Linnaeus, the person who invented the system of naming the plants and animals with binomial nomenclature, vouched for the health benefits of strawberries. He was of the strong belief that strawberries, when regularly used, can help in maintaining a healthy body. • The strawberry is indeed laden with nutritional goodness. It has a very low fatty content and is low in calories. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which makes it one of the most beneficial fruits on the planet. It has a high amount of fiber as well. It is also healthy in terms of its potassium and folic acid content. • All these points have led to the strawberry being high on various health charts. The following is a list of some of the benefits of these berries:- • The high amount of antioxidants in strawberries help in quick repair of wear and tear that occurs in the body. • The fruit can control and eliminate free radical mechanism. It seems that people who regularly consume strawberries find that aging signs such as scars, spots, wrinkles, etc. appear on their body much later than others. • Since strawberries have a healthy amount of potassium in them, they are also good for maintaining good heart health. • Due to their high omega 3 fatty acid content, strawberries are also beneficial in helping maintain healthy liver function. • It helps in helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels. • Strawberries can helping maintain healthy immune system. They can make the body strong and fight infections by microorganisms from upsetting the body balance. • Strawberries are also known to fight tartar. The acid content of the strawberries is responsible for this. Apart from making the teeth cleaner and whiter, strawberries are good in helping to maintain the  health of gums. Strawberries—How to Get Them Though strawberries are very abundantly available, it is also a fact that they are one of the most perishable fruits. You have to make sure to use them within 24 hours of purchasing, especially when the season is warm. They are easily available in any market, and there is a host of strawberry products available as well, but if you are looking to tap into the rich health reserve of the strawberry, then you should buy them when they are in their prime, i.e. in their peak season.
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