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National Cherry Blossom Festival

Across the globe a number of cherry related festivals are held annually. While the Traverse Bay area of Michigan is known as the “Cherry Capital of the World” and boasts one of the nations popular cherry festivals the National Cherry Blossom Festival held annually in Washington DC is earliest festival held each year.
The reflecting pool in Washington DC that spans the distance from the Washington Monument to Lincoln Monument is dotted with countless cherry trees as well as our Nation’s capital including along the Potomac river. It is a very breathtaking experience not only walk between these monuments and see the cherry blossoms in bloom, but to also stand on the very ground of some of the greatest historical moments in our countries history. The tree we a gift from the People of Japan that arrived in Washington DC in 1912. The flowering cherry tree, or “Sakura” is a beautiful symbol equated with the evanescence of human life. It also is a representation of the transformation of the Japanese culture throughout the ages. In fact, in the early 1900’s DC schools would give saplings to the students to be planted in the schoolyard for the observance of Arbor Day. Thus began the history of the cherry tree in Washington DC. While the trees at this location are solely for visual pleasure over 500 miles away the trees of Northern Michigan are the real workhorses of the cherry industry. These trees also provide breathtaking blossoms and set the backdrop for a casual stroll in the orchards. However, once the blossoms turn into the actual fruit, the true benefits of these ruby red fruit is realized. The cherries are then transformed in the a number of products including dried cherries, cherry juice and filling for the ever popular cherry pies enjoyed by countless individuals during the holidays. The continue the celebration of National Cherry Month, we are offering our tart cherry powder pouches at a 25% discount from the everyday price. To learn more about the powder, feel free to learn more by visiting the cherry powder page.
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