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Oct 11

Learn what cherry juice, dried tart cherries and tart cherry capsules have in common. Fruit Advantage and Traverse Bay Farms 

Oct 07

Concentrated cherry juice - The first and only sediment-free cherry juice concentrate in the entire cherry industry. See what it is all about. Traverse Bay Farms and Fruit Advantage also only us Montmorency cherries in the production it 100% pure it's no additional sugar juice concentrate.

Oct 05

Tart cherries are a good source of antioxidants including anthocyanins, phytochemicals, melatonin and more. Discover just a few of the types of antioxidants naturally found in the Montmorency tart cherry.

Oct 04

A number of customers have asked if we have any photos of cherry trees and the tart cherry blossoms. To deliver the best customer service possible, we took these requests one step further and posted an aerial view of cherry farms in Northern Michigan. The video below is a sky view of the orchards at the tip of the Old Mission Peninsula located near Traverse City, MI. This is a view that not only shows the natural beauty of the entire area but of the cherry tree itself. These are the types of farms and orchards that go to grow the cherry juice concentrate.

Oct 03
Vincent DePaul and Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Capsules
Sep 30
Check out the Traverse Bay Farms Orchard of Health video library. It is the Internet's first video library to have informationn about the natural health benefit of super fruits.
Sep 28
Here a new video showing Northern Michigan cherry farm as seen from the seat of a low flying airplane circling the orchards to give you a view many simply don't get to see.
Sep 23
A video clip of Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Capsules on Fox News
Sep 22
Tart Cherry Juice Health Benefits - Learn what tart cherries can do for your health in this video.
Sep 15
See how concentrated cherry juice is made - From Blossom to Bottle
Sep 15

Kevin Sorbo and Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Joint Formula (cherry capsules). See what Kevin had to say about Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Joint Formula and how it helps me daily. In addition, to the tart cherry capsules, we have the cherry juice for a healthy lifestyle.

Apr 26
Our awarding winning salsa were included in the Chef's Challenge promotional video.