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Aug 07
Check out some great information on the benefits of cherry juice. In this short video you'll about the cherry juice benefits and more. This video was produced in a u-pick cherry orchard in Northern Michigan.
Aug 01
Top Five Reasons to Eat More Cherries
Jun 30
Top Reasons to Increase Your Families Cherry Consumption!
Jun 27
Upcoming Michigan Cherry Crop Best in 20 Years
Apr 08
April is Defeat Diabetes Month
Apr 03

Great News! We just received a special award of recogition from the Arthritis Foundation for outstanding dedication in the fight against arthritis. We support a number of organizations combating diseases and ailments. Here is a list of the organizations and type of research organizations we support: Arthritis Foundation Lou Gehrig's disease research Epilepsy Foundation Diabetic research We support these organizations by donating a portion of profits and products. Our donated products are then auctioned off at events and 100% of proceeds go to the underlying organization so it's a win-win. The organization wins since they get to keep 100% of the proceeds while providing a fun...

Feb 05
It's true you can get free stuff from Traverse Bay Farms and here is how. A little while back we began the Traverse Bay Farms loyality points programs. This is a straight forward way to get free stuff. Here is how the program works:
Jan 30
With the start of the new year, a lot of people are calling and emailing us and asking about the difference between our cherry juice and cherry capsules. Learn the difference between cherry juice, cherry capsules and dried cherries.
Jan 28
Visit the Traverse Bay Farms website fast with this one-click option. It's simple, easy and most importantly will save you time when placing an order with us.
Jan 07
Unfortunately, we have heard of many people over the last few years having their credit cards and even their personal identity compromised. I wanted to start 2013 by providing an overview of the Internet Security System we have put in place at Traverse Bay Farms. I know this post is a little off topic from our company mission of providing timely health and wellness information but I wanted to let our customers know how we are helping to combat identity theft and other online security issues (for your “financial” health!).
Aug 20
Hot air balloons over Elk Rapids
Jul 05
What is a Serving Size - Food Alternatives for Fruit
Jul 04
Alternative Daily Servings for Milk and Protein Foods
Jul 02
What is a Serving Size for Select Food Groups