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Sep 19
Learn how to get more sleep nightly when you drink a glass of tart cherry juice. Cherry juice is a natural source of melatonin.
Sep 13
No matter the time of year a flat stomach is just plain sexy. However, rather than following simple exercises to loss belly fat, many resort to starving themselves. While the results of crash diets may work in the short-term, although the benefits of long-term use is questionable, implementing simple exercises and adding a glass of cherry juice to your daily will help to build good weight loss habits and maybe even the loss of stubborn belly fat.
Aug 07
Check out some great information on the benefits of cherry juice. In this short video you'll about the cherry juice benefits and more. This video was produced in a u-pick cherry orchard in Northern Michigan.
Jun 30
Top Reasons to Increase Your Families Cherry Consumption!
Jun 20

A big thanks to Melissa F. from Columbus OH. We recently received an email from Melissa that included a photo and some kind words about our tart cherry capsules. Melissa is from Columbus, OH and uses our cherry capsules to not only relieve her pain, but also to train for half marathons. She has been enjoying the pain relieving benefits of our tart cherry capsules since 2009. Check out the photo of her crossing the finish line and completing in the Traverse City Bayshore Marathon.   Check out her testimonial below   "Thank you very much for making the Fruit Advantage Joint Formula Tart Cherry...

Jun 19
Over the past few years, one area that has caught the attention of researchers in any type of natural product or remedy that helps with improving one’s sleep.
Jun 13
What makes Montmorency Cherry Juice so special? With a lot of different types of cherry juice products currently on the market, why is the Montmorency variety so popular? To get started, let’s learn about the many different types of cherries and the products available.
Apr 13
What is the Recommended Dosage of Cherry Juice?
Apr 12
Tart Cherry Juice - Do you have questions about tart cherry, this post will answer your questions.
Mar 26
Mother Nature’s remedies are the fast becoming the first choice for many individuals looking for a proven way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle naturally.
Mar 09
In this post, I would like to share four areas consumers may want to consider when buying cherry juice concentrate. Here is a brief over view of the these areas
Feb 18
The History of the Tart Cherry and Cherry Juice
Feb 16

Cherries, cherries and more cherries is what many people are talking about this time of year. It may seem odd to be talking about cherries in the February, but the 2nd month of the year is national cherry month. This means that many of the people living in the leading cherry producing state are getting ready to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms that will begin to show themselves within a few short months. Like in the previous years, these freshly grown cherries will go to produce the 2012 batch of tart cherry capsules, dried cherries, cherry juice and more. However,...

Feb 13
The reflecting pool in Washington DC that spans the distance from the Washington Monument to Lincoln Monument is dotted with countless cherry trees as well as our Nation’s capital including along the Potomac river.
Feb 01

During these kind of tough economic instances, food is one of the more prominent budgetary items to consider. Because food has become more expensive, it seems more people turning to usually unhealthy tactics and food options to save on money. Even though healthy meal choices may be a little more expensive, it’s still substantially possible to enjoy a healthy diet during these challenging times. Here are a few sensible, doable hints for eating healthy. Go for Milk In lieu of Soft drinks As an alternative to splurging on your preferred carbonated beverage consider milk and natural fruit juices (including cherry juice...